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Are You Dealing with These Structural Issues in Your House?

Foundation Repair in Los Angeles is an expensive project. But it’s necessary. If your foundation has several issues, it may not withstand a strong jolt. Keep in mind that Los Angeles is prone to experience earthquakes. In that case, your house must have a strong foundation so it will keep everything together during a strong…

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Dwelling Construction: Is It Right for Your Aging Parents?

Nowadays, it’s difficult to find affordable housing that fits anyone’s budget. Enter dwelling construction. It offers a lot of benefits, especially to those with a limited budget.    And it’s one reason many families are choosing to construct an accessory dwelling unit. If you are planning to build one for your aging parents, you might…

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adu construction cost

ADU Construction: Is Your Property Eligible for an ADU?

ADU construction is on the rise. More and more homeowners are opting to build an accessory dwelling unit for various reasons.    Unfortunately, not all property owners can construct one. There are requirements that you need to meet.    ADU Construction Requirements  An ADU is an additional living space that can be added to or…

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Dwelling Construction: Make Your Backyard More Useful

Many homes in Los Angeles have a vacant space in their backyard. If you have a huge space that has been idle for so long, then you might want to consider a dwelling construction to make it more useful.    How Dwelling Construction Can Help?  There are various practical ways to ensure that idle space…

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adu construction

Opt for an ADU Construction to Make Better Use of the Idle Space in Your Property

ADU construction is an increasingly popular way to better use an idle part of your property. You can use the accessory dwelling unit (ADU) as a source of income by renting it out. And if you need more living space, you may choose to have an ADU in your garage. But what are the ways to build…

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retrofitting construction company

How a Retrofitting Construction Company Can Help in Lowering Your House Insurance Premiums?

House insurance premiums can take a huge part of your finances. You may, of course, have the prerogative not to obtain insurance. But you know that without it, you’ll shoulder all the cost if it suffers severe damage. Can a retrofitting construction company help?    Indeed, we can. However, our job may not directly affect…

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Hillside foundation repair in Los Angeles

Hillside Foundation in Los Angeles: Can You Live in Your House During the Repair?

It’s good that you decided to carry out a Hillside foundation repair in Los Angeles. We know that it’s a significant investment. But it’s all worth it.    You may wonder whether or not you can still live in your house while the foundation is ongoing. The answer is, “yes.”    Hillside Foundation in Los…

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earthquake retrofitting in los angeles

Earthquake Retrofitting in Los Angeles: A Worthy Investment

  Unlike a hurricane, an earthquake can happen without warning. A slight motion on the Earth’s crust can quickly damage your home, especially if it’s old. If your home wasn’t built to resist shaking, make sure to consult our earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles.    What is the Purpose of Earthquake Retrofitting in Los Angeles? …

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water proofing encino

Waterproofing in Encino – Do You Need It for Your Bathroom?

Waterproofing a bathroom may not be on your list of things when you renovate your house. However, ensuring that there’s no moisture penetration in your home’s structure is vital. Call our waterproofing Encino branch to assess whether or not your bathroom needs it.    This project will protect the walls and subfloor of your house…

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retrofit reconstruction los angeles

Retrofit Construction in LA to Attract More Tenants

Retrofit construction in LA is more suitable than reconstructing huge buildings to make them more energy-efficient. Retrofitting old buildings could somehow decrease energy consumption by up to 1.3%.    Thus, if you own an old building, you might want to consider getting it retrofitted.    Why Choose Retrofit Construction in LA?  Several reasons building owners…

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