Foundation Repair

Foundation Inspection Consultations/Evaluations

Your foundation is one of the most important features of your house or building. A damaged, weak or cracked foundation can pose a serious threat to not only the integrity and value of your house or building, but also to the safety of you , your family and your tenant. Are you:

A homeowner or buildingowner who has noticed a crack in your wall or foundation?

A prospective home/building buyer that wants to make sure your investment is well-protected?

About to list your house or building on the market and want to ensure there are no costly surprises upon the sale of your house or building?

Our in-house team of foundation inspectors can quickly assess the quality and condition of your foundation and help recommend any remediationor repair that you may need. Each inspection consultation includes a clear diagnosis of the issue, photos and an estimate of any recommended foundation repair. If you are looking for a professional and knowledgeable evaluation of your foundation in the Los Angeles and greater area, call LARC today at (818) 975-8323 or email us at

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