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LARC can build your new commercial building or additions from start to finish. We are experienced in all types of new commercial construction .

Commercial Remodeling

We specialize in truly professional Commercial Remodeling services. The size of the project doesn’t matter. Our commercial remodeling services range from small and simple projects to a complete, new, refurbished look.

We can take your existing office or commercial space and make it into a masterpiece of architecture. If you are looking for a team of people who will build your commercial project and make it just as you pictured it, look no further.

LARC is the #1 place to get any and all of your construction wishes made into beautiful, solid reality. We take care to find out from you exactly what you want and need, and then we make it happen.

Why choose LARC?

We take the time to really find out what you need and want. We provide value engineering with an estimate that is accurate and competitive. We’re experienced, qualified and competent. We communicate, and we’re readily available and responsive. We’re efficient, striving to complete each project on time and within budget.

Don’t hesitate to call us!

We realize what qualities are important to our commercial remodeling clients. Experience. Comprehensive, accurate estimates so there are no unpleasant surprises during construction. Superlative service,with on site supervision from a knowledgeable, competent professional. Availability. Responsiveness. Communication. Honesty. Value engineering resulting in competitive pricing. A well built building, completed on time and within budget.

For a free estimate or for any questions, just contact us here or give us a call at (818) 975-8323.

Our new Commercial Construction Process

1. Client Meeting

At the first appointment we find out exactly what is needed and wanted. The key is communication and then understanding. We inquire about the budget for the project.

2. Plans

If there are architectural plans, we communicate with the architect to clarify questions and establish coordination with Soils and Engineering professionals. We add value engineering when we can.

3. Estimate

One of our strong points is comprehensive, thorough estimates. Accompanying the estimate is a cover letter, detailing the cost breakdowns, any exclusions and permit fees as applicable.

4. Follow Up

It is important to us to get customer feedback about our estimates. There are often questions, clarifications needed and occasionally changes, so we follow up.

5. Contract

We have a standard contract recommended by the CSLB, which is comprehensive.

6. Construction, Coordination, Communication

Our Field Superintendent is experienced and attentive. Regular meetings with participating professionals and tradesmen are scheduled. Weekly progress reports are sent.

7. Quality Control

QC is an ongoing process, accomplished by our Field Superintendent .

8. Billings

We bill weekly for percentage of work completed.

9. Final Walk Around

At the completion of the job, we schedule a walk around with all appropriate parties. We then make any corrections as needed.

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