earthquake retrofitting in los angeles


Unlike a hurricane, an earthquake can happen without warning. A slight motion on the Earth’s crust can quickly damage your home, especially if it’s old. If your home wasn’t built to resist shaking, make sure to consult our earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles


What is the Purpose of Earthquake Retrofitting in Los Angeles? 

Los Angeles is prone to earthquakes. The purpose of retrofitting is to prevent your home from being displaced from its foundation. 


In other words, retrofitting is a project that makes your building less prone to structural damage when an earthquake happens. 


When your house shakes violently, it will stand still without incurring damage. 


It won’t shift off its foundation. However, if you didn’t complete a retrofit, it will surely slide off its foundation. Not only that but it will also endure significant structural damage. 


Will a Strong Quake Happen in California? 

As mentioned, California is prone to earthquakes. In 2014, a 6-magnitude earthquake happened in South Napa. 


Since the Loma Prieta earthquake happened in 1989, the 2014 quake was the largest quake that jolted the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Scientists said that California will experience a strong earthquake in the next 30 years. Los Angeles is a high-risk area. 


Thus, if you’re still living in an old house built without retrofit, then make sure that you invest in it right away. 


Retrofitting your house will prevent it from being displaced. It’s a cheap improvement that will protect your house from severe damage during an earthquake. 


How Much Will It Cost? 

It hinges on various factors. There’s no standard rate here. However, expect to pay around $3000 to $7,000. But if your house is on the hillside with basements, then prepare to pay more for it. 


However, just because you’re living in an old house, it doesn’t mean that it needs retrofitting. 


That’s why you need your house to be assessed by our retrofit team. In that way, you will know if your house necessitates it. 


Don’t wait for too long before you carry out this project. It’s more expensive to repair a structurally damaged house than to retrofit it. 


Remember that retrofitting will improve your house’s ability to keep you and your family safe during a strong earthquake. It will remain habitable after a major jolt. 


Furthermore, it will lower your repair costs after an earthquake. Most of all, it will reduce your insurance premiums. 

earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles

What Type of Seismic Retrofitting to Install? 

There are many types of retrofitting. What type of retrofit will depend on your house and where it’s built. 


Ask our retrofit expert about it. We’ll give you an estimate on a project in 7 days after inspection and evaluation. LARC, Inc uses the latest method in design calculations. 


Our retrofit construction services will provide you with the best outcome and the most value from your investment. 


If you’re worried about your budget, don’t be. We can provide you with financing options that let you pay for Earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles easier. Call us today for a free consultation: (818) 629-0923

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