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ADU construction is an increasingly popular way to better use an idle part of your property. You can use the accessory dwelling unit (ADU) as a source of income by renting it out. And if you need more living space, you may choose to have an ADU in your garage. But what are the ways to build ADUs? 

ADU Construction Using Conventional Stick Framing 

Stick framing involves the use of lumber in standard industry dimensions. The builder will just assemble the pieces on site. This is the most conventional way to build ADU. In this process, each piece is measured and cut to a certain dimension. Then, the pieces are joined together using certain fastening methods. Unfortunately, this method needs more manpower because the pieces have to be cut, measured, and installed. 

This method requires a civil engineer to supervise each part of the job. But this isn’t the most popular method today because it takes longer to construct. Because it takes longer to complete, the overhead expenses can quickly go up. You also have to endure weather conditions that can easily change. Plus, you’re only prolonging the risks in safety. 

Despite these disadvantages, this method is still the most flexible. If you wish to modify your garage into an ADU, you may opt for this option. But make sure to contact a reputable contractor to ensure that the job is done right the first time. 


ADU Framing Package

Besides stick framing, another process used in building ADU is the framing package. With this option, all components are pre-cut before they are sent to your home. The components can be in loose pieces. There are instructions included on how to assemble them. But the components are also pre-assembled in sections of floor frames, for instance. 

Choosing this requires a structural engineer to design the plan and sent it to a framing engineer to figure out the way to fabricate or pre-cut the pieces. The engineers will determine the parts of the plans that can be assembled at home or in the factory. With this process, engineers can combine conventional stick framing and frame package processes. 

The prices for the framing package can be higher when you first buy the pieces. However, the time and manpower you need to assemble the frame are reduced significantly. More and more companies are offering this package. Hence, the costs are decreasing. 

ADU construction

What Method to Choose? 

These aren’t the only methods to construct ADU. But they’re the most popular ones. Before you decide, though, you need to contact a structural engineer to enlighten you on this matter. But regardless of the method you choose, you should know that you still need to obtain building permits and other permits that the government may require. The ordinances can vary depending on where you live. 

Consult our structural engineers at Los Angeles Retrofit & Construction, Inc. today. Our team will tell you the right ADU construction method appropriate for your location. Call us today at  818-975-8323

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