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ADU construction is on the rise. More and more homeowners are opting to build an accessory dwelling unit for various reasons. 


Unfortunately, not all property owners can construct one. There are requirements that you need to meet. 


ADU Construction Requirements 

An ADU is an additional living space that can be added to or detached from a one-unit dwelling. It can be used for sleeping, cooking, or bathroom facilities. 


But only one ADU is allowed on the parcel of the main one-unit doweling. If you have a four-unit dwelling, you can’t build an ADU. 


Furthermore, the ADU must be smaller in size than the primary dwelling. It should have special features from the main dwelling. These features include a kitchen, sleeping area, bathing area, and bathroom facilities. 


It may include access to the main dwelling. 


However, you can’t consider it an ADU if you can only access it through the main dwelling. If it opens to the primary dwelling with no privacy, then it can’t be considered an ADU. 


How to Build an ADU? 

There are several construction methods to build an accessory dwelling unit. You may use a modular type or a single HUD code manufactured home. 


If you wish to know what types of ADU you can build in your house, you may consult with our experts here at LARC, Inc. 


Zoning for ADU

Some ADUs are classified as legally conforming. They are legal if they are permitted under the zoning code. 


Will ADU Improve Your Property Value? 

Laws encourage the building of accessory units on your property. They are used to house an aging family member. 


You can also choose to construct it if you wish to provide shelter for your grown-up kids. Keep in mind that it’s a challenging rental market. 


If your kids are still finding ways to generate income to buy a property or house, then building them an ADU is an excellent option. 


But will it improve your property resale value? 


Some studies showed that ADUs contributed 30% of property assessed value. It also increases property’s or house’s resale value. 


When building an ADU, you may think that you need your neighbor’s permission to construct one. But it’s not typically the case. 


Everyone has the right to construct an ADU. But it depends on where you live. 

adu construction

You can convert your basement to an ADU. Or remodel your house and build an ADU for whatever purpose it may serve. 


You can build a 250-square feet ADU that you can use as a music studio. This ADU may also be used as a one-bedroom cottage. 


Our community in LA is in dire need of affordable housing. Thus, it’s understandable that more and more people are jumping into an ADU project. 


Constructing an ADU is indeed a huge investment. But it can add value to your house or property. 

If you are considering ADU construction on your property, you might have questions that you want to be answered first. Call our ADU specialist at 818-975-8323.

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