Hillside foundation repair in Los Angeles

It’s good that you decided to carry out a Hillside foundation repair in Los Angeles. We know that it’s a significant investment. But it’s all worth it. 


You may wonder whether or not you can still live in your house while the foundation is ongoing. The answer is, “yes.” 


Hillside Foundation in Los Angeles – Minimal Disruption

One of the misconceptions of a foundation repair is that it’s a major project and it’ll be catastrophic.


Here’s the truth. You won’t feel any vibration. You won’t even notice that there’s an ongoing foundation repair in your house. 


However, you will hear some noise coming from small machinery. That’s it. 


It means that you can still safely stay in your house. 


During the foundation repair, your house will be lifted. It’ll move slightly. But you won’t feel a thing while you stay in your house during the repair project. 


You also don’t have to worry about it because our engineers will ensure that the environment is safe and secure. Our project manager will monitor your house completely. 

Hillside foundation repair in Los Angeles

Is This Project Dangerous? 

As mentioned, a foundation repair project isn’t disastrous. But you can’t control everything. 


Keep in mind that earthquakes can happen at any time. If there’s a jolt while the repair is ongoing, some workers might get injured. But don’t worry. Our contractors are certified and insured. 


We also follow safety protocols every time we perform foundation repair. Our workers have been properly trained on how to handle everything in case an earthquake happens while the repair is ongoing. 


That said, there’s no need for you to be anxious about foundation repair. Instead, you will be more worried about living in a house without first repairing its foundation. A house that doesn’t have seismic retrofit or didn’t undergo foundation repair is more dangerous. 


For that reason, you must carry out this project as much as possible. You have to do it now or you’ll suffer from the damages a strong quake will cause. 


Of course, if you have the money, you can just build a house from scratch and ensure that it’ll be earthquake-proof. 


But if that’s not happening, then you should seriously consider repairing the foundation of your house. 


How to Start a Foundation Repair in Los Angeles? 

The first thing you must do is to contact our team at LARC, Inc. In that way, our team can assess your foundation and determine what type of repair it needs. 


Consulting a specialist at LARC, Inc will give you peace of mind knowing that your house will be protected from it sliding off from its foundation. 


After an assessment, you can decide whether to push through the project. Remember, foundation repair isn’t dangerous. What’s dangerous here is if you delay repairing it. 


As for the financing options, there are plenty of them that you can choose from. Ask your mortgage lender about it. Or you may use your credit card. 


Once you’re ready to start Hillside foundation in Los Angeles, please give us a call at (818) 629-0923. 

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