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Waterproofing a bathroom may not be on your list of things when you renovate your house. However, ensuring that there’s no moisture penetration in your home’s structure is vital. Call our waterproofing Encino branch to assess whether or not your bathroom needs it. 


This project will protect the walls and subfloor of your house by applying a waterproof membrane. The process involves three steps. The first one is to prepare the surface to ensure that the junctions don’t have any gaps. 


The second step is the application of a bond breaker. After that, two coats will be applied before installing the tiles in the bathroom. 


Waterproofing in Encino is Mostly a Time Issue 

When you renovate your house, including your bathroom, it won’t get done in seven days. 


The reason many homeowners get waterproofing the bathroom wrong is that they rush into things. They want it to be done in 7 days. 


Keep in mind that you need to dry it up first. Drying times will depend on the product used. Some products can take longer to dry. 

Water Proofing in Encino

Does It Need a Building Permit? 

Any renovation that needs waterproofing may require a building permit. However, your chosen contractor will process it for you. 


Once you have the permit, you must clean and vacuum the area thoroughly. 


Can You Waterproof Your Bathroom Yourself? 

You can do it yourself. But do you know how? 


Of course, there are YouTube videos that will teach you the step-by-step process of how to waterproof a bathroom.


But do yourself a favor, just hire a licensed contractor to do the job for you. In that way, if it leaks, the contractor will fix it for you. 


And since it may need a permit, you need to use a licensed professional. 


How Much Does It Cost? 

It can cost between $500 and $650 per bathroom. However, if your bathroom is quite bigger, you’ll need to spend more. 


On the other hand, you’ll get a cheaper rate if the project includes more than one bathroom. To get the best rate, you must contact a reliable waterproofing company, like LARC, Inc. 


LARC, Inc. offers various waterproofing services, from your leaking roof to waterproofing your bathroom. 


Waterproofing is a vital part of any renovation project. It protects your building. As you waterproof your house, you’re adding another layer of protection to it. 


And if you are just building a house, make sure that you consider waterproofing your bathroom. 


If you wish to avoid expensive setbacks, make sure that you work with a licensed professional. The professional will get the appropriate permits on your behalf. 


Why Hire LARC, Inc? 

Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction, Inc (LARC) is the best waterproofing company in Encino. We offer high-quality renovating and construction. If you wish to know our latest projects, you may visit our showroom. 


If you hire our team, you can be sure that your waterproofing projects will be completed quickly. This type of task is not DIY. Call our licensed professionals to inquire about waterproofing Encino services (818) 629-0923.

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