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ADU Garage Conversion Contractors

If your garage space is currently unused or acting as no more than a storage shed, consider converting it to an ADU. A garage can be turned into any type of room like a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, game room, or living room. It can also be used to create a brand new residence that you can rent out or use for in-laws and other relatives.


It is a fairly simple alteration to make to one’s home but there are a lot of rules and regulations to be mindful of in terms of size, building materials, and so on. These can vary depending on whether or not the garage is attached to your home or a separate unit. Rather than waste time learning all the rules yourself, leave that work to the professional garage conversion contractors at LARC. All you have to do is enjoy your new space once the work is completed.

Benefits of Garage Conversiondwelling construction

  • Overall it is relatively cheaper compared to building a new ADU
  • Overall requires less time compared to building a new ADU
  • A garage usually has water and power available already
  • Cost-effective and less stressful compared to moving into a bigger house
  • Your garage has increased or added aesthetic appeal and character
  • Your home itself has more curb appeal
  • Your property value increases



How Long Does Garage Conversion Take?

Garage conversions are much faster than building an ADU from scratch, taking roughly six to seven months to complete. There are three primary factors that influence how long it will take to complete converting your garage to an ADU:

  • The current condition of your garage. Having a garage that is in good shape can save a lot of time as it might not be necessary to pour foundation, frame the ADU, or replace the roof.
  • The older the garage, the higher the chances of it not being up to code. While the garage itself can easily be brought up to code during the conversion process any unpermitted work, such as a kitchen or bathroom, must also be brought to code. Sometimes this means replacing or removing the unpermitted work entirely.
  • If your garage is within a utility easement then you can request an encroachment permit in order to continue with any construction during the conversion process. While these are often granted they can add more time to the permitting process.


For a more accurate, comprehensive timeline, consult our garage conversion contractors.

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