Earthquake Retrofit Company
Earthquake Retrofit Company

Earthquake Retrofitting

Earthquake retrofitting, otherwise known as house bolting, is a service that is extremely important in Southern California. However, many houses lack the necessary safeguards that protect your house from seismic damage.

Earthquake retrofitting uses a series of connections including anchor bolts and shear paneling to help secure your house to its foundation in case of seismic activity.

Even if your house has these features, they can wear out over time, leaving your foundation exposed to earthquake damage and early deterioration.

If you have any concerns about the condition of your foundation, call LARC for a comprehensive evaluation by one of our experienced inspectors

If your house:

  • Has a wood frame
  • Was built before 1979
  • Is on a raised foundation (you would have a crawl space or basement under the house)

You may need a brace and bolt seismic retrofit to help keep your house from sliding off of its foundation during an earthquake. Contact our earthquake retrofit company today!

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