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Nowadays, it’s difficult to find affordable housing that fits anyone’s budget. Enter dwelling construction. It offers a lot of benefits, especially to those with a limited budget. 


And it’s one reason many families are choosing to construct an accessory dwelling unit. If you are planning to build one for your aging parents, you might ask whether or not it is safe for them. 


Is Dwelling Construction Ideal for Your Aging Parents? 

The ADU is safe for aging people. However, it still depends on the kind of ADU you wish to build. 


Most seniors prefer to live near the house of their grown-up kids. However, it’s not always realistic. It’s especially true if the aging parents suffer from failing health or they have mobility issues. 


If your aging parents have these issues, they are better off living in a nursing home where they can access healthcare facilities 24/7. 


Unfortunately, an assisted living apartment or house can be quite expensive. Thus, some people would simply build an ADU within their property so their aging parents can live there. They just hire a caregiver who can monitor them. 


An ADU, aka granny flat, can be easily constructed. You also don’t need a huge space on your property. An ADU can be less than 1000-square feet.


Since your aging parents will live there, you need to design an ADU with an accessible bedroom, then and bathroom. An ADU lets your parents live independently while they stay near you. 


You can easily look out for them. If they need anything, they can just walk to your house and ask for it. 


An ADU is also beneficial for your aging parents as they don’t feel lonely while being independent. 


Keep in mind that loneliness is a major issue among seniors. It’s especially true if they have lost their spouse. They often feel isolated or depressed. If they have to drive a few minutes just to see their kids, it can add to their frustration. 


With an ADU, they can see you at any time they want without having to drive. They can go visit you by simply walking a few steps. 


By building an attractive ADU, your aging parents won’t need to pay for a nursing home. And if they no longer need the unit, you can convert the ADU into a guest house or a rental unit. 


Ease of Maintenance 

Most seniors find it difficult to take care of their large house, not to mention all those unused spaces. The best alternative here is to construct an ADU in your property for your aging parents.


ADU is easy to maintain. It also eliminates yard care. 

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Ideal for Aging Parents 

Yes, an ADU is ideal for aging parents. You don’t have to worry about their health and safety. You can check on them at any time you want since you don’t have to drive kilometers away just to see them. 

If you wish to know more about dwelling construction in LA or you think that an ADU is ideal for your family setup, please contact us here: 818-975-8323.

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