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House insurance premiums can take a huge part of your finances. You may, of course, have the prerogative not to obtain insurance. But you know that without it, you’ll shoulder all the cost if it suffers severe damage. Can a retrofitting construction company help? 


Indeed, we can. However, our job may not directly affect your insurance premium. 


But the retrofitting job can be a factor that your insurer will look into to consider lowering your monthly payment. 


Work with Our Retrofitting Construction Company 

LARC, Inc. is one of the few trusted earthquake retrofitting companies in LA. We offer top-notch retrofit results and excellent customer service. 


More than 600,000 people and companies trust our structural company. They know that with our help, they’ll enjoy lower home insurance and earthquake coverage premiums. 


Earthquakes happen every day in California. But most of those quakes are not felt because they are just mild. 


However, because of the location of the state, insurance companies don’t cover earthquake damages. And if they do, the premium will be exorbitant. 


That’s why many homeowners are looking for ways on how to lower their premiums without letting go of earthquake insurance coverage. 


When they start working with our team, they realize that completing a seismic retrofitting for their houses or buildings can significantly help. 


What do we mean by that? 


When you apply for home insurance, the insurer will ask a lot of things. The company may even send its team to your house to inspect it. 


One of the things its investigator will ask is retrofitting. If you can show that person proof that your house has completed retrofitting, then that inspector may give you a premium discount. 


The discount isn’t fixed, though. But you can get up to 25% off. 


But retrofitting isn’t a cheap project, you may ponder. 


Seismic retrofitting is indeed an expensive project. But it has to be done as soon as possible. 


Otherwise, you’ll have to endure paying a high price to repair your house, if a major earthquake happens. 


Financing Options

A retrofitting project is costly upfront. But it’ll save you money in the future. 


If you’re worried about your finances today, then ask our team about the routes you can take to finance this project. 


Our team here at LARC, Inc. doesn’t only offer to retrofit but we also provide foundation repair service. 

retrofitting construction companyy

Some houses in LA have old foundations. They’re not up-to-date to the point that if a major earthquake happens today, these houses will suffer from severe structural damages. 


That’s why now and again, it’s ideal that you investigate your building’s or house’s foundation to know if it requires repair. If it does need repair, you must do it as soon as possible. 


Keep in mind that no one knows when a major earthquake will happen. It’s better to be ready today than to be sorry tomorrow. 


Contact our retrofitting construction company today to know how we can help your house or building and keep it safe from a major earthquake: (818) 629-0923

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