foundation repair in los angeles

Before you stress out about the cost of foundation repair in Los Angeles, you must know that foundation cracks are not always bad. 


Most cracks are normal. Furthermore, you can fix them without spending a lot of money. 


However, since you’re living in LA, which is earthquake-prone, you may wish to contact a foundation repair specialist to appease yourself. 


Foundation Repair Los Angeles Company to Investigate the Cracks

Even though not all cracks are dangerous, it’s still important to consult a specialist to find out if the cracks are harmful or not. 


Consultation is necessary to assess your foundation’s health. A crack in the foundation may mean that some conditions on your property changed causing the structure to shift. 


In most cases, the changes are related to the soil’s condition. If the surrounding soil has high clay content, then it can expand significantly every time it gets wet. It also contracts if it dries. 


As a result, your house’s foundation experiences constant pressure change causing the brick or concrete to crack. 


Furthermore, if your plumbing is leaking or if there’s no proper drainage, the foundation is likely to experience problems. 


Without proper drainage, the soil underneath it can expand. 


Are the Cracks Serious? 

A crack in your foundation doesn’t always mean it’s harmful. As mentioned, cracks can mean that the property changed causing a shift in its structure. But it can also mean that the structure is settled. 


Settling may not necessarily cause a major issue with your foundation. But you must not ignore it. 


Keep in mind that other factors can aggravate the situation. For instance, termites can easily get into the structure. 

foundation repair los angeles



They can get into the hairline breaches. That’s why you must have the cracks checked by a foundation specialist. If the cracks get wider, foundation repair may be necessary. 


However, it still depends on the assessment of a specialist. 


On the other hand, if you see horizontal gaps in the bricks or concrete blocks, then they are a serious issue. Contact a foundation repair specialist immediately. 


Is Foundation Repair Expensive? 

If the cracks are just small, they may just need filling or epoxy. However, if the cracks are wider, the repair can be extensive. 


But the foundation repair cost is less expensive than the cost of repairing the entire house after the foundation failed to hold the building or your house. 


The cost can be around $4,000. It can be higher if the damage is extensive. But it can also be below $1,800. 


The cost may seem prohibitive. But it’s for you and your family’s safety. 


Now, will your insurance cover it? Unfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover the repair cost. 


However, it depends on what caused the need for foundation repair. 


If you’re on the fence to carry out foundation repair in Los Angeles, you should know that LARC, Inc. offers financing options. To learn more about how you can finance the foundation repair in your LA home or if it needs repair, make sure to contact our team at (818) 629-0923. 

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