seismic retrofitting in los angeles

California experiences up to 100 jolts a day. But you won’t feel all of them because they are just small in magnitude. They won’t do any damage to your house. Still, with those numbers, experts recommend considering seismic retrofitting in Los Angeles


Out of the 100 quakes per day, one of them may cause a major jolt to the state. When that happens, it can affect your house and may cause severe damage. 


The good thing is that it’s not happening yet. Hence, you still have time to let your house undergo seismic retrofitting. 


What is Seismic Retrofitting in Los Angeles

It’s a process that enhances the capability of the house to resist earthquakes. It involves structural improvements that prevent the building from damage by seismic waves. 


Although seismic retrofitting is typically done in buildings, tunnels, bridges, and overpasses may also undergo such improvement. 


Seismic retrofitting has several categories. Each one has its own purpose. 


But no matter what seismic retrofitting category you need, make sure to seriously consider it to make your house or building less prone to damage when a major quake happens. 


Now, the next question you may have in mind is the cost of the project. 


Well, this project isn’t a cheap one. You may need to spend at least $3,000 to complete. 


The overall cost will depend on the location of your house and its materials. The only way to get a proper estimate is to talk to a professional seismic retrofit professional. 


Our engineers at LARC, Inc. are ready to assist you in case you have questions about retrofitting. We’ll send our team to inspect your house and assess it. 


Proper inspection is necessary to know whether or not your house or building requires retrofitting. 


Yes, not all buildings or houses require this project. It will all depend on how the house is constructed and where it’s located. 


Typically, an old building may likely need retrofitting. However, after giving a proper estimate, you may consider bulldozing it and building a new one because it’ll be cheaper. 


Unfortunately, it’s not always the ideal option for many residents in LA. 


And seismic retrofitting is the more viable option considering the overall cost of constructing a new house or building. 

Seismic Retrofitting in Los Angeles

What If You Forego Seismic Retrofitting? 

After a thorough inspection of your house, our engineers may suggest that you consider this project. If that’s the case, you should seriously consider it for the sake of your family and property. 


On the other hand, if you relinquish this project because you don’t think it’s necessary, our team won’t force you. But you have to remember that when your building suffers major structural damage, repairing it may be a lot more expensive than the retrofitting project. 


That’s why we recommend our clients to think about it carefully. 


If money is a problem, there are financing options you can avail of. Talk to our seismic retrofitting Los Angeles experts so we can give you some options: (818) 629-0923

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