Do you have a soft-story building? If you do, consider having it assessed by our Encino retrofit and construction specialists to prevent it from collapsing during an earthquake. 

As you go to Encino, Los Angeles, you will find a lot of soft-story buildings. They are easy to identify as they include tuck-under parking. This type of design is popular for apartment buildings. 

Unfortunately, this design is also at high risk of structural failure. It is also likely to collapse during earthquakes. It is especially true if it is not constructed to modern building code. 

More than 13,000 apartments in Los Angeles are required to have a type of retrofit. It is a mandatory program after an ordinance has been passed in 2015. 

Encino retrofit and construction

Hire Encino Retrofit and Construction Company 

Most building owners in Encino are not sure if their building is considered as soft-story. 

To help assess your building, you may hire our specialists. 

This type of building became popular when LA experienced a huge boom after World War II. It was popular because it was easy to build. It was also cheap. 

Unfortunately, this type of building is prone to collapse when violent earthquakes strike. 

During the Northridge earthquake in 1994, several apartment buildings collapsed. These buildings had flimsy support. As a result, the foundation could no longer hold the entire structure during the quake. 

But you can prevent your building from collapsing when another huge quake hits. 


Our retrofit and construction team will ensure that your building is safe. We can give you our design on how to retrofit your building. The plans are guaranteed that the Los Angeles Department of Building Safety will approve them. 

We only design plans that comply with the new seismic code in LA. Our design will depend on the size of your soft-story building. We can reinforce the columns or replace them altogether. 

Here at LARC, we specialize in the repair of the foundation. We also evaluate the foundation and retrofit the building. We are an experienced team of structural engineers and construction contractors. 


Our team also specializes in earthquake rehab work to meet the requirements of city ordinances. We also ensure that the design satisfies the building codes of the city. 

We only utilize the latest method in earthquake design calculations. Our retrofit and construction services will offer you the best results so you can get the most value from your investment. 

When you choose our team, you are getting the best value for your money. We are not a jack of all trades. Rather, we are a team of skilled and trained professionals who specialize in this field. 

With our specialties, training, and skills, we can guarantee our clients a high quality of workmanship. 

If you want top-notch quality customer service, then make sure to only hire our Encino retrofit and construction experts. Not sure about your soft-story building’s retrofit design? Please give us a call. We offer a free inspection. Our highly experienced engineers will assess your building and provide you retrofit plans according to your needs. Call us today at (818) 629-0923

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