Installing a green roof can have several benefits. But it does not make your roof waterproof. Rather, you still need to hire a waterproofing Encino service to apply waterproofing materials on your roof. 

With a green roof, you are prolonging the life of your roofing. It also prevents it from getting damaged. Bear in mind that it is exposed to UV light, temperature fluctuations and rain. In several studies, a roof can last longer with a green roof. 

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How Waterproofing in Encino Works

To successfully construct a green roof, it is vital to install a watertight roof. Some types of roofs are waterproofed when built. But most roofs require a form of treatment. In that way, water will not get into the building. 

The waterproofing treatment that we apply is strong and flexible allowing expansion under physical movements without affecting water tightness. 

We recommend to our clients who wish to install a green roof not to install vegetation in some areas, like expansion joints. The reason for this is that putting vegetation in those spaces will only make regular inspection difficult. 

Before we can recommend the best type of waterproofing treatment for your green roof, our specialists will first evaluate your roof. We will also analyze your green roof design so we will know the type of treatment we can use based on the design. 

Several types of waterproofing are available. For green roofs that come with uninterrupted areas, preformed waterproofing might be suitable. If it has several fixings on the penetrations, then liquid waterproofing might be applied. 

The membranes of waterproofing should be protected against chemical and physical damage. Over time, membranes could get brittle. And this action will be accelerated by exposure to heat, UV, and cold. However, having a green roof will protect the membrane and it can lengthen its life. 

Our waterproofing specialist will use materials that are certified root resistant. They are experienced and certified professionals with years of training in this industry. 

Keeping Your Building Safe 

Without the application of a waterproofing system, water can easily get into the building. It causes damage and loss. It can also destroy your furniture and your building’s foundation. 

Unfortunately, these damages could be expensive to repair. That’s why we encourage our Encino clients to apply or install a waterproofing system before a disaster occurs. The system will keep the water out. 

Waterproofing is also about preserving the original structure of your building, as well as its value. Keep in mind that damage occurring to the structure can lower the overall value of the building. To keep its value, apply a waterproofing solution. 

What type of waterproofing is perfect for your roof can only be determined after our specialists have analyzed and examined your roof. At LARC, we are not your jack of all trades company. Rather, we specialized in this field to give our clients high-quality workmanship. 

When you call us for an estimate, we can give you the quote that you need within 7 days. Call our waterproofing Encino team today to schedule an appointment and obtain an estimate: (818) 629-0923

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