Retrofitting can be a complex process. When you contact our earthquake retrofit company, we cannot immediately give you recommendations without first assessing your house’s structure. Indeed, the ability of your home to resist an earthquake can be easily assessed just by knowing when it was constructed. But first, we need more details. 


Any house built before the 1980s can usually be improved to ensure that it can withstand an earthquake. However, it is still vital to perform a visual inspection to know the existing strengths and vulnerabilities of your house before we can recommend anything. 


Earthquake Retrofit Company Employs Earthquake Specialist 

The only people who can determine the strengths and vulnerabilities of your house from an earthquake are trained earthquake specialists. 


Our experienced specialists at LARC, Inc. have years of experience in this area and can make proper recommendations to reduce the overall risk of damage to the building. 

earthquake retrofit company

The Overall Cost of Retrofitting

There is no simple answer to the cost from an earthquake retrofit company. But keep in mind, larger houses may cost more than simpler houses. The cost may also affect the ease of access. 


The cheapest rate is $4,000 and it can go up depending on various factors. Once we have visually inspected your house, we can give you an estimated cost. 


Does My House Requires Strengthening 

Some of our clients would ask whether their buildings would need retrofitting considering that they have endured a powerful earthquake without damage. What we can tell them is that they must not depend on the experience to anticipate the future earthquake effects. 


Keep in mind that several factors affect the severity of the quake’s damage. One of the factors is the soil condition. 


Another factor is the distance between your house to the epicenter. In other words, if your house has withstood a powerful quake in the past, it could be because it was situated miles away from the epicenter. 


But, what if the next big earthquake’s epicenter is near your house? Will it still survive? If your house is near the epicenter, the shaking will increase quite a bit. 


Nothing can predict a quake. Relying on experience can be risky. For that reason, you must have your house inspected and retrofitted if necessary. Preparation is the key here. 


As to the improvements to make, there are important decisions to consider. The more features you can put into your building, the more expensive they may be, but they can also reduce the risk of property damage and personal injury. 


It’s not necessarily important to make your house earthquake-proof. The reason for this is that there is no earthquake “proof” house. As mentioned earlier, nothing can depict the severity of the quake. The seismic stress a house may experience cannot be predicted. 


However, what we can do is calculate the effect of certain factors. But, if you make all the recommended improvements designed by our specialists, then we can assure you that your house will endure less damage when a quake hits. 


To schedule a visual inspection, call our earthquake retrofit company at (818) 629-0923

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