Earthquakes are one of the things in life that you cannot predict. No matter who you are or where you are, when the Earth starts shaking, you’ll be affected. Homes can be particularly susceptible to earthquake damage. If you wish to prevent your house or building from suffering structural damage during a strong quake, you may want to consider hiring the best Encino retrofit and construction company. 

Protect Your Assets by Hiring the Best Encino Retrofit and Construction Agency 

Your house is an asset. To protect it from getting damaged during a strong earthquake, you must perform retrofitting. This is especially important if your house was built before 1980.

If your house or building is old, it can benefit from a seismic retrofit. It is especially true if it is sitting on a raised foundation. The overall cost of this project is around $6,000 but that depends on a variety of factors. 

The truth is that the cost of retrofitting is a small amount compared to the thousands of dollars it will cost you to rebuild your house when its foundation failed after an earthquake. 

Retrofitting is a cost-effective way to protect your house. Depending on the state you live in, there are retrofit grant programs that you can obtain. The programs can pay for the retrofitting of older houses. 

best Encino retrofit and construction

Encino is at high risk of earthquakes. Thus, it may be beneficial for you to retrofit your house along with obtaining earthquake insurance. 

Remember, your current homeowners’ insurance may not include earthquake damage. Should that be the case, you will need to obtain a separate policy to protect your house from earthquake damage. 

Here at LARC, Inc., we offer proper earthquake retrofitting programs that will prepare your house for large earthquakes. You may think that you will not need it. However, retrofitting is your best chance of protecting your biggest asset — your house. 

Building retrofits can give you many cost benefits. For each dollar you spend on retrofitting your house, you can expect to save around $7. That does not include the savings you get as you can avoid losing your possessions and preventing injuries. 

Retrofitting is a complicated process. That’s why you must only hire an expert in this field. At LARC, Inc., our engineers are experts in retrofitting any type of house. We can also retrofit new buildings to further protect them from any strong shakings. 

At LARC, Inc. we guarantee our clients to offer the best value for their money. To hire our Encino retrofit and construction engineers, please contact us at (818) 629-0923.

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