Earthquakes can happen at any time. It can be a mild shaking or it can be a strong tremor. Unfortunately, not all houses in LA are safe if a major quake were to happen. If you are not sure whether your house is safe from a major earthquake, make sure to contact a retrofitting construction company in LA to assess your building. 

In LA, buildings are required to undergo retrofitting to prevent them from collapsing during a major quake. The law mandates building owners to fix brittle concrete buildings, as well as wood apartments and others. 

Before performing the retrofitting project, though, your building must first be examined by our certified engineers at LARC, Inc. Through proper examination, we can recommend what type of retrofitting is sufficient for your house. 

Retrofitting Construction Company LA

Other Benefits of Hiring Retrofitting Construction Company in LA 

In addition to preventing your building from collapsing during a major quake, retrofitting can offer other benefits. 

One of them is that it can lower operational water and energy use. We can incorporate new equipment and technology to extend the life of your building. Doing so will make your building cheaper to pay for in the long term. 

As part of retrofitting, we can redesign the facades and interiors of your house. The goal here is to improve your space and boost productivity as the redesign can improve water self-sufficiency. 

Our team will also design the retrofit to make it future-proof. In other words, we utilize equipment and technology to ensure that the building will last for many years without the need to rebuild or demolish it. 

Some LA homeowners will think that demolishing the existing building and building a new house may be the best thing to do. Sure, you can build a new house or building. However, even with a new building, you still need to implement some retrofitting features to ensure that it will not collapse during a major quake. 

The Overall Cost of Retrofitting

There is no standard cost for retrofitting a house. The price can be around three percent of your building’s cost. If you have a larger home, you may expect it to cost around $10,000. But it can go up, depending on the style of your house. 

Here at LARC, Inc., we can give you an accurate quote so you can be ready for the overall cost of retrofitting your house. We can help you establish your budget so you can get the right materials for retrofitting without sacrificing quality. 

If you live in seismic zones, you may want to call our team today to assess your building. In that way, our team can apply to retrofit and prevent damage and injury when a major quake arises. 

The retrofitting that we provide here will improve your house’s ability to keep you safe during the quake and make sure that it is habitable even after a major tremor. 

As you implement retrofitting in your house, you can reduce earthquake insurance premiums. To start your retrofitting project, give our retrofitting construction company in LA a call. We can give you a free consultation. Dial (818) 629-0923. 

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