ADU construction

Homeowners in Los Angeles can now create backyard homes through ADU construction. The most cost-effective way to build an accessory dwelling way is to convert your garage to create a rental unit. 

ADU Construction to Convert a Garage into an Income Producing ADU 

With the rising rents in LA, you can use your property to help you earn monthly income. You can do so by turning your garage into an ADU. Your existing garage can be attached to your home or found in the backyard and separate from your main house. To qualify a garage, it has to be 10 feet away from the main dwelling. 

Can You Convert Your Garage If It’s Under the Power Lines? 

If your property has power lines that run across the backyard, then you should not worry about garage conversion. The LADWP permits a garage conversion if it’s directly under the power line. In that case, you won’t face any issues if you wish to convert such a portion of your property. However, you may need to provide a clearance permit if you wish to create a two-story accessory dwelling unit. The primary concern here is the high voltage lines that run at the top of the power pole. But if it’s just a one-story unit, then it will be fine. Previously, you were required to have adequate space for two cars to be parked on your property before you could convert your garage into an ADU. However, this rule has changed. There’s no more parking requirement if you wish to convert your garage into a new ADU. 

What Should be the Size of the Garage? 

To convert your garage into an ADU, the minimum requirement is 17’-6” wide. The depth inside must be 17’-6”. The best way to know if you can convert your garage into an ADU is to hire a structural engineer. The engineer can measure your garage and find out if your garage can be converted into ADU. He will also determine if your current garage’s condition is suitable for conversation. In that case, the garage must not be about to fall over. If there are minor repairs required, you can still go with the conversion. On the other hand, you can choose to just remove your old garage to replace it with a new accessory dwelling unit in that same location. This will have no setbacks to your neighbors. But you need to work with the right people for it to work. When hiring a dwelling construction company like Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction, Inc., you will get the right design of your perfect dwelling unit. The company will build it according to the laws in LA. The ADU construction team will help you combat the crisis of the never-ending house. You can make use of the land you already own and increase its value while you earn a monthly income. Talk to our ADU construction team on who you can add an ADU to your property if you have an underutilized garage. Call us for a free inspection: (818) 629-0923.  

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