dwelling construction

The state of California passed a bill that allows homeowners to build any type of guest homes or backyard cottage. If you’re planning to build accessory units on your property, consider hiring a dwelling construction company as your partner. 

dwelling construction

Dwelling Construction Company Offers Free Inspection 

LARC, Inc. offers different construction services that can give you the best outcome. The company will provide a free inspection to get the right dimensions for the dwelling unit and identify the structural system. 

Our highly experienced engineers will determine the right dwelling unit that you need. By hiring us as your building partner, you can be sure that the dwelling construction process will be a breeze. 


Reasons to Consider Building an ADU in Your Los Angeles Property 

One reason you should consider an ADU is that it can help in boosting your property value. 

The average price for every square foot for a single home in LA is around $450. LA enables homeowners to build up to 1,200 square feet of new construction. 

If you add a dwelling unit to your property value, it can give you some serious equity. In that case, adding a tiny house to your property, for whatever purpose, can significantly increase the value of your house. 

In addition to adding value to your LA property, a tiny house can be used as an elderly care facility for your loved one. 

You don’t need to pay rent to an assisted home community. More and more homeowners are now designing special ADU where their aging parents can stay so they are closer to their families. 

A dwelling unit for your aging parents is perfect so they stay close to home while they keep their independence. If they need help, they can easily contact you. 

Plus, if they are near your family, they can help in watching your kids while you’re away. It’s a win-win situation. 


Guest House in Your Property 

Another use of a dwelling unit is a guest house. You might have extra rooms in your house. But it’s different when your guest can stay in a separate house within your property. 

This guesthouse can be used at any time. If you host a lot of parties every year, your guests can just stay in a tiny house. 

Instead of letting them stay in a hotel, they can just stay in your guesthouse to provide them with a comfortable private area. 

By having a guest house on your property, your friends and family can stay close every time they visit you. 

But these aren’t the only benefits of having a dwelling unit on your property. You can do whatever you want to do when you have a tiny house. 

However, you must choose the right dwelling construction company. In this way, the dwelling unit will be well-designed. 


Contact LARC, Inc. 

Talk to one of our professionals today. Our dwelling construction consists of structural engineers who can design and build the perfect dwelling unit on your property. We ensure that every dollar you spent in your dwelling unit is worth it. Contact us today at 818-975-8323. 

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