Our soft story company in LA specializes in foundation evaluation and repair, as well as retrofitting and house bolting. As a retrofit contractor, we have seen several plans and designs from other companies. 

Some of our clients would send us their drawings so we can evaluate how much it would cost to build a soft-story retrofit to their building. Unfortunately, most of those designs have deficiencies. 

soft story company in LA

The most common problem that we encounter is the lack of focus on the wood-frame members. It is expected since many of the buildings that we handle are old and they are not maintained properly. 

The lack of maintenance can surely damage the wood frame of your house. Most of the plans are focused on the strength of the steel or its size. 

After all, most homeowners would feel secure if they see that their building has huge steel. What they do not realize is that the design of the frame is insufficient. 

Most of the buildings that we handle here have retrofit plans that were not designed properly. What makes them flawed is that the existing wood frame has no reinforcement. It may have heavy steel. However, it can crush the old wood frame.

New Design 

With this type of design, we typically recommend having reinforcement on the existing wood frame by adding structural connections. But this kind of work requires a lot of lumber and expertise. 

At LARC, we aim to build smarter solutions that can protect the building from any seismic activities. Our pros will assess your building based on its current state. From there, they can plan to strengthen it accordingly. 

However, when we repair the building, we are not making it earthquake-proof. Rather, we will make it safer and stronger. We have all the years of experience in structuring and engineering construction. We specialize in earthquake rehab work to meet the requirements of many city ordinances. 

We only use the latest equipment and method in earthquake design calculations to cause less disturbance. Our retrofit, remodeling and construction services can give you the best outcome so you can get the most value for your investment. 

Why Our Soft Story Company is the Best in LA

We are not a jack of all trades. Each worker that we have is skilled and trained. Our pros specialize in the field that they are working in. We do this to ensure high-quality workmanship while we work on a project. 

Apart from that, we offer a 7-day estimate. We understand that you hate waiting for weeks just to receive an estimate of your project. We can guarantee you that we can provide an estimate within 7 days. 

Our team of professionals will perform a free inspection to identify structural system and evaluate the building’s health. We will only design retrofit plans for the weaknesses of your building. 

Retrofitting is vital to make your building stronger and safer. To assess your building, contact our soft story company in LA today by calling (818)-629-0923.

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