Earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles is vital to ensure that your building is not vulnerable to be moved during seismic activities. When there is a seismic activity, it shakes any object on the ground. With the help of seismic retrofitting, the structures will be intact and prevent them from being displaced.

When your building has been retrofitted, it makes it less likely to sustain structural damage during an earthquake. It provides buildings the resistance to any seismic activity. It strengthens weak connections in the roof to the wall.

Earthquake Retrofitting in Los Angeles

What is the Primary Goal of Earthquake Retrofitting in Los Angeles?

The two main reasons for this solution are to provide safety and security to your building. It protects not just the people but also the machinery. Furthermore, it enhances the marketability of your building.

If you rent out your house, any potential tenants are likely to accept any high rates you offer knowing that they are safe and protected while renting your property. They do not need a lot of convincing because they know that they are safe while in the house when an earthquake hits.

There are several ways to implement seismic retrofit in your structure. But no matter the ways you pick, the process must only be executed by a licensed structural engineer.

If the building’s length is three times longer than the width, the structural engineer will place shear walls or brace frames to the building.

For proper force distribution, it is ideal to put large brace frames. Weak walls will need to have vertical support and exterior steel for more strength.

Any fixtures and moveable equipment must be anchored. To allow swaying, brace cables may be applied.

Other moveable objects can be bolted to concrete floors so they will not move around causing harm during seismic activities.

What Type of Retrofitting for Your Building?

The type of retrofitting to be implemented will depend on your building. At LARC, we specialize in retrofitting installation and repair. Our team of specialists will also evaluate your foundation to find out what kind of retrofit will suit your building best.

We can also apply it to new construction and home remodeling. Our structural engineers and construction contractors are licensed and insured.

They have years of experience in this field so they know what is best for your building. Our team of specialists will also ensure that retrofitting meets the specific requirements of your city.

Latest Earthquake Design Calculations

We only use the latest method for earthquake design calculations. Our earthquake retrofitting Los Angeles services will provide you the best outcome. These services will give you the most value for your property investment.

When hiring our structural engineers, you are working with the principles of our company. We guarantee the best value of your investment.

Our specialists are not a jack of all trades. Our workers are skilled professionals who have been working in this field for several years. As a result, we have maintained high-quality workmanship.

To hire our earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles, call us today (818) 629-0923.

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