ADU construction cost

There’s a lot of potential for your underutilized garage. If you are familiar with ADU construction, then you can understand its potential when you turn your garage into something useful and profitable. But what is the ADU construction cost like? Can you even afford it? 

ADU Construction Cost Can Vary 

The ADU boom is the result of affordable housing challenges. Constructing is inexpensive compared to building a primary house. Depending on the design, the cost can start at $10,000-$30,000. It can also go up to $300,000. But it all depends on several factors. If you partner with an ADU contractor, you will understand how much you need to spend before the project starts. When you embark on an ADU construction, make sure that you only hire a reputable structural engineer so you can avoid hidden expenses. 

What Can Affect ADU Construction Cost 

Your underutilized garage might not be designed to support a functional living unit. Thus, you will have to pay for utility upgrades. If you’re living in an older house, it might only have a 100-amp panel. That’s standard for an old house. However, if you are running two washing machines and refrigerators, and other appliances, you need a 200-amp panel. The overall cost of upgrading the electrical panel is a few thousand dollars. But you can still lower it. Find out how by talking to our experts at LARC, Inc. Since you are utilizing your garage, there’s no significant amount of site work to be done. It means that you don’t have to deal with tree removal or leveling a sloped backyard. But you do need to consider the overall cost of interior finishes. When you decide on the interior cost of your ADU, you must know first how you wish to use it. If it will be a rental, you might not need to splurge on unique finishes. However, beautiful interior finishes can help you demand a higher rental fee if you wish to rent it out. No matter what design you choose, make sure that the finishes are durable. 

The Timeline of the Construction 

Another factor to consider in an ADU is the construction timeline. Although there’s no significant site work here, it’s not an easy or quick project. You have to review the designs, meet with ADU contractors, and many more. In that case, you should anticipate this job to finish in 12 months or less. Keep in mind that ADU construction isn’t the same as remodeling your kitchen or house. There are various factors involved here. However, if you wish to alleviate some of the burdens in this project, make sure to work with reputable ADU construction companies, like LARC, Inc. Despite the cost of ADU construction, turning your underutilized garage into an ADU can help you generate a lucrative income stream. The contractor may tell you that the cost of building it in your case will be $200,000. However, the income you get from it will be more than that. It’s time to consult the experts to ask about ADU construction cost. Talk to one of our engineers at LARC, Inc. today by dialing this number: 818-975-8323

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