ADU garage conversion

Converting a Garage into a Highly Functional ADU — What Must be Done? The rise of ADU garage conversion started pre-pandemic. However, because many people have been out of a job during the pandemic, more and more individuals are interested in ADU construction. Having your garage converted into a home office, or a gym has made ADU construction an attractive investment to almost everyone

ADU Garage Conversion to Make a Flexible Unit 

The key to converting a garage into a highly functional accessory dwelling unit is to maximize its flexibility. You can build an ADU as your home office, a pool house, or a rental unit. But you can also use it as an in-law unit. The ADUs that LARC, Inc. built have that kind of flexibility. It means that it can be converted into a home office, a rental unit, or any purpose you can think of. Our engineers and designers here at LARC, Inc. can convert your garage into a two-bedroom unit for your visitors. Having a multi-functioning ADU is necessary these days because your needs change over time. In that case, you need to be ready for the future. For instance, you can maximize the area by having a minibar or a plug-in cooktop. When we design an ADU, we make sure that the space isn’t trendy. Instead, it has to be timeless so there’s no need to renovate it in the future. Thus, for the color palette, natural is always the best option. It’s easy for you to accessorize the space.Then, we will design the space to encourage the use of natural light more often, instead of electric lamps. Doing so will help you lower your utility bills while making the ADU more comfortable to live in. 

Challenges of Converting Garage as an ADU 

Some local codes and regulations can pose challenges to ADU construction. However, some of the regulations have been lifted. In the past, you couldn’t create an ADU without first adding parking. Thankfully, such a requirement has been loosened up. 

Benefits of Garage Conversion into ADU 

ADUs can carve out areas for you to play, learn work or generate additional income. But most homeowners opt to convert their garage into a functioning ADU because they can house their family members, like their aging parents.Their parents can live in the same property but they have their own space. The ADU can also be used by a relative who just graduated from university or college and needs his/her own space. But because ADU can create an additional flow of income, many homeowners are now converting their garages into ADU. That’s their main motivation these days. For several families in California, ADU can provide them additional income that can assist them in easing the overall mortgage cost. Furthermore, having an ADU can increase the overall value of a home. 

Want to Know More 

Before you embark on this project of ADU garage conversion, make sure to know even the minute details of it. Call our engineers at LARC, Inc. to schedule a consultation at 818-975-8323


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