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It doesn’t have to be difficult to choose an ADU builder for your dwelling construction project. Read this post to help you find a builder that you can trust. 

The license of the Builder for Dwelling Construction 

It’s the first thing you need to check when choosing the right builder. If a builder sends you a proposal but the company doesn’t have a license, walk away. However, having a license doesn’t mean the builder is quickly the right option. You need to look at its experience. Specifically, the builder must have years of experience in building accessory dwelling units. When you interview the builder, you must ask which is the better option for your property: a prefab or a stick-built ADU. Each builder specializes in one type of ADU. Compared to stick-built ADU, prefab is cheaper. It has a predictable timeline. Regardless of the weather, it can be built at any time. Furthermore, prefab produces less noise and you can opt for some customization. Plus, you don’t need to pay for architect or engineering fees if you opt for a prefab. With stick-built ADUs, however, you need to pay more. You might need to spend at least $700 per square foot. Furthermore, you need to hire an architect or a general contractor to legally build it. Unlike prefab, stick-built ADU offers a high degree of customization. It means that you can customize it the way you want it. 

What’s the Cost of Building an ADU? 

The overall cost of the ADU must be highly considered. As mentioned, prefab is cheaper than stick-built. If budget is a problem, then a prefab is a better option. Make sure to evaluate the price and what it includes. The prefab price doesn’t just involve the unit but also covers the permit, site preparation, delivery, and installation, as well as inspection and utility hookups. You should be wary of builders that offer lower-priced units. The price might not carry the permits, site preparation, interior, and exterior finishing, as well as delivery and utility connections. 

Evaluate the Quality 

It’s pointless to opt for a cheaper ADU if you have to spend money on repairs down the road. Make sure that the quality of the ADU meets the codes that HUD established. Opt for a contractor that can build you an ADU that exceeds HUD building standards. Plus, choose a company that offers a warranty. 

How Fast Can the Builder Construct an ADU? 

A prefab is the better option if you need an ADU fast. It can be built and installed in six to eight months. However, it depends on the customization you want. The more complicated the customization is, the longer it takes for it to build. 

Why Hire LARC, Inc? 

We’re not a jack of all trades. Our workers are skilled professionals who specialize in building ADUs. Because of our trained professionals, we can maintain the quality of our workmanship. If you wish to hire us for your dwelling construction, please speak to our engineers at 818-975-8323


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