If you have an apartment building, one of the things that you must worry about is the damage that your building might sustain after a quake. When it sustains damage, tenants might leave your building because of fear. To assure them, you should consider hiring an earthquake retrofit company

Earthquake Retrofit Company in Altering Your Building 

The first thing that our team will do when we inspect your building is to check the foundation. After that, we can make a plan on how we will proceed with the repair or alteration. 

One of the things we consider is how the construction will impact the tenants. Your tenants may also ask whether or not the construction will result in an increase in their rental fee. 

Earthquake Retrofit Company

Depending on the kind of retrofitting we will perform, your tenants might need to be relocated while construction is ongoing. You may pay for their location, but it still hinges on the agreement that you made with them. 

As your retrofit company, we will process all the documents related to the construction. We will facilitate your application. However, the project must pass the city’s Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program. 

Our specialists will design your retrofit in a way that will pass the city’s program. We also ensure that it will have minimal disruptions to your tenants. 

Although it is rare to see tenants moving out while retrofitting is ongoing, this is still possible. However, you will need to provide them with a permanent relocation if your building is uninhabitable for over 30 days. 

But, keep in mind: a team of retrofit specialists will ensure that the project will have minimal impact on the tenants. 

Is Retrofitting Necessary?

The main goal of earthquake retrofitting is to ensure that your home is safe and is less prone to structural damage during an earthquake. Any buildings must be retrofitted depending on the overall structure. 

There are many techniques to retrofit your house, but it all depends on the type of building you have. House bolting is vital, especially in Southern California. Many houses here do not have the right safeguards in protecting the house from seismic damage. 

In this project, our specialists will use anchor bolts and sheer paneling. They can help in securing your house to the foundation during seismic activity. 

Your house may have those features. However, they can still wear out over time. As a result, it will leave your foundation prone to earthquake damage. That’s why you should consider hiring a retrofit specialist to check your house’s foundation. 

For a comprehensive evaluation, you may call LARC. Our experienced inspectors will check your building’s structure. This in-depth evaluation is vital if your house was constructed before 1979. If it has a wood frame or raised foundation, then you must call us for evaluation. 

Indeed, an earthquake retrofit project can be a huge investment. However, this is for the safety of your tenants or your family. The overall cost of it is just nothing compared to the cost of repairing the damage sustained from seismic activity.

To start this project, make sure to call our earthquake retrofit company at (818) 629-0923. 

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