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Los Angeles has strict earthquake regulations. After a thorough investigation, the government found that more than 15,000 buildings in the city must be retrofitted to withstand severe earthquakes. If you own an apartment in Encino, Los Angeles, you might want to consider contacting seismic retrofitting Encino company.

seismic retrofitting Encino

Retrofitting secures buildings that have not been anchored before retrofitting standards. Sadly, most apartment-style structures must be retrofitted. 

That said, don’t worry if you don’t have the funding yet. Keep in mind that the city government offers programs that can help you fund this project. Some companies also offer discounts for this project. For instance, Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction, Inc. offers financing to help you proceed with the retrofitting. 

Work with Experts in Seismic Retrofitting in Encino 

LARC, Inc. has been in the business for decades. We have the expertise and knowledge to assist you in meeting your retrofitting needs. Our company works with geologists and engineers to assess the site and identify the right design parameters to be used. 

Our team will visit your property to inspect it thoroughly. If your apartment is a soft-story building, then its first story is likely to be weaker than the stories above. 

Earthquakes can happen at any time. No one can predict when they will occur. If the next big quake were to happen in LA, many people would be at risk to say the least. Soft-story buildings are likely to collapse in the event of a large quake. 

If you own a soft-story apartment, there are options you can pursue. One of them is to improve ductility and strength. Another is to reduce the likelihood of the building to collapse. 

FRP or Fiber-reinforced polymer jacketing is one of the common techniques. In this technique, our team will encase ends of materials and a polymer substance. Wood panels, steel moment frames, and others can be used to give the building seismic resistance. 

Our team at LARC, Inc. is composed of different types of engineers. That’s just one of the reasons why we can easily handle seismic retrofitting that meets the building codes of Encino. Our company has also been working on seismic projects for decades so you can be sure that we have the ability and equipment to complete the project that meets all code standards. 

How Much Time Do You Have to Retrofit Your Apartment? 

If you received a notice for retrofitting from the government, you need to comply immediately. Keep in mind that you only have two years from the date you received the order to submit evidence of any prior retrofitting or present your plans for a retrofit. 

A permit for construction should be submitted within three years. Then, make sure that you complete the construction in seven years of receiving the order. 

The retrofitting project may not require tenants to leave their units during the construction. Our team will ensure that disruptions are limited. We leave the property clean and safe, making sure that your apartment will still be how you want it. 

If you want to know more about seismic retrofitting in Encino, especially to your apartment, make sure that you contact LARC, Inc. today: (818) 629-0923.

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