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An attractive workspace is as beneficial to workers as it is to your clients and its visual appeal is a reflection of your brand profile. Office remodeling can change the fortunes of your business by increasing employee productivity through a better working environment. 

Your customers will enjoy service in a well-designed modern office and will be happy to return. At LARC Inc., we offer remodeling services and can help you create a vibrant office space that will boost your business. 

Open plan layout

For more efficient flow and collaboration between staff, operating in one expansive space with no walls is a great option for commercial remodeling. Open floor plan offices are good for faster interaction and encourage fraternal bonding among workers that in turn improves productivity. Your clients will also like to walk into an office where they can see staff they need to contact at once without wall barriers.

Office remodeling

Equip for comfort

Any professional doing remodeling and construction in Encino will tell you that office temperature control is a priority. LARC experts recommend proper insulation as the best solution for this problem. A good insulation system can retain temperature at desired levels for long without the need for frequent AC use. No one likes a sweltering hot or frigid environment and your workers, as well as customers, are not different. 

Play light with paint

A bright ambiance lends vibrancy to a space and lifts the moods of those within it. We suggest a smart application of the color theme to brighten the office as it brings out your corporate identity at the same time. Encino retrofit and construction consultants will discuss window size and placement options to maximize natural lighting. This is especially important to avoid extremes during the winter and summer periods. 

Equip for efficiency

Business is increasingly shifting online and this demands that your office has the right technology to function effectively. The paperless office is now a reality and has all records stored digitally for ease of access. Invest in quality hardware and software when remodeling your office to complete the transformation. Install energy rated appliances for efficiency and savings on power consumption.

Think healthy living

LARC recommends that you include recreation spaces when remodeling the office. These should be cozy rooms with cushy seats and adjacent to a kitchenette in which an employee can fix a quick cup of coffee. They help workers unwind and recharge for better productivity. If you have space to spare, we suggest adding a small but well-equipped gym to keep in your staff.

At LARC Inc. we make office remodeling an exciting project for our clients. We have the know-how and the experience to give you the best in remodeling and we urge you to book an appointment for a consultation. Our experts will assess your premises and discuss your vision with you to create a dynamic and modern office space that reflects your brand. Call us on 818-629-0923 for assistance.

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