los angeles retrofit and construction

Your 1980s and 90s home was well equipped with ordinary appliances like fridges, cabinets, stoves, and carpets. The exteriors were mostly one or two stories with the roofs displaying a horizontal appearance and some in U-shape, L-shape, or rectangular.

The interior included a fireplace, dining room, one or two garages, and a driveway with a roundabout. Fast forward to three or four decades later, and you want to renovate your house into the 21st century luxurious home. The options available are many and can fit any old house.

Change the lighting

Remove the old fluorescent bulbs held on brass chandeliers and track lighting in your living room and replace them with pendant lights set in different lengths with some high up and others lower.

Remove the lantern bulbs on your tables and replace them with sculptural table and floor lamps to give your house a 21st-century look. The high energy consuming bulbs and floodlights should be replaced with energy-saving bulbs and LED floodlights which are artistic in look and economical.

Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction

Transform your floor

Your 1980s and 90s house mostly had a wooden floor or featured vinyl tiles or a jungle green /pink wall to wall carpet. Contact a construction company in Los Angeles and their flooring experts will remove your old floor and fix it with modern flooring materials like laminate, stone (marble, granite, limestone), tiles (porcelain, ceramic, marble, mosaic, granite), or concrete. 

The modern flooring materials have beautiful finishes and are long-lasting making your house look like it was constructed in the 21st century.

Bring in new furniture

To give your house a modern look, the dated tables with glass tops and large sofa sets with dark colors should be removed and replaced with new sets of modern furniture. You can achieve this by sectioning your living room with modern furniture to make it look like a multifunctional room.

Fill it with furniture like compact side tables, velvet, nesting tables and bench seating, leather seats blended with stylish lamps protruding from the walls.

Repaint your walls and ceiling

Spruce up your walls and ceiling by removing the hanging mirrors on your walls and the colored wallpaper decorating the walls. A remodeling company near you will help give your walls and ceiling a modern look by repainting them with trending colors like hale navy, bacha, French grey, Paris grey, farrow and ball, light greens, and blues.

The company can redo the walls with classic fabric and eye-catching curtains as well as draping your ceiling with poly satin, sheer voile or poly premier.

Call LARC Inc

Your 1880s and 90s house makeover will give your home a feeling of 21st century design trends while giving it a mix of history and modernity. There are several ways you can use to achieve trending results and LARC incorporated is here to assist you with ideas as well as work together with you to bring the ideas into reality. Kindly feel free to call us anytime during office hours on  818-629-0923. 

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