retaining wall company in la

LARC, Inc is a retaining wall company in LA. It doesn’t matter whether it’s used for commercial or residential purposes. Since it’s a structure, it follows the same standard of care applied to walls. 

But what is the style of the wall that will be best for your site? It depends. Our engineers will first look at the location so they know the depth of the footing that must be buried. Then, they will assess the materials that are best for the site. 

Building a Retaining Wall Company in LA Takes Careful Planning 

Here at LARC, Inc, we always consider every fact that might affect the condition of the retaining wall. In that way, we can avoid the wall to be a hazard. 

But what’s the purpose of this wall? You may ask. This wall holds the solid behind the wall. But it depends on the project. When it comes to location, we consider the utilities above ground and underground.

Furthermore, our team will examine the soil that creates the base of the wall. In that way, we will know whether or not it meets the strength that it needs to support the wall. The base soil must be sold and strong. We have a geotechnical expert to properly examine it. 

Retaining Wall Construction in Los Angeles

We examine every aspect of the site to ensure that the wall can withstand even the strongest earthquake. Keep in mind that no one can predict earthquakes. If the Earth begins to shake, you will be affected. If your retaining wall isn’t built to withstand quakes, it will fail, thereby suffering from structural damage.

Good Drainage

Water is vital. However, it’s a common enemy of any building. And when it comes to retaining walls, our engineers will make sure that the wall has a proper drainage system. This will prevent water buildup behind the wall. 

We will identify possible surface water sources to make sure that the soil supporting the wall won’t soften. If there’s no drainage system behind the wall, we highly recommend that it must be properly installed first. 

There are various types of drainage to be installed. One of them is to backfill it with gravel. Drain pipes are also useful to let the water pass through the wall. 

Once the drainage system problem has been resolved, we can start determining the right wall to choose from. The most common is the gravity wall. It holds the solid behind the wall. But this type of wall is made of heavy materials, like concrete blocks and cast-in-place concrete. 

For a segmental retaining wall, it can be used as a gravity wall, with or without reinforcement. 

We only utilize the best wall system for your project. That’s why we thoroughly evaluate your location and drainage before we can determine the type of wall system to be used. 

Designing and constructing a retaining wall is one of the services we offer here at LARC, Inc. Our retaining wall company in LA can design your wall that can withstand quake and other natural calamities. For more information about our services, please contact us: (818) 629-0923.

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