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1- Apartment Building Soft Story

The 1994 Northridge earthquake left many apartment complexes collapsed at the soft story portion.

LARC Retrofitting Systems specializes in soft story reinforcement and can strengthen any multifamily apartment complex so that when the Big One strikes, your apartment will still stand, saving lives, cars, and property.

2- Unreinforced Brick and Masonry Commercial Building

Buildings built of unreinforced masonry (URM) – brick, hollow clay tiles, stone, concrete blocks, or adobe – are very likely to be damaged in earthquakes because the mortar holding the masonry together may not be strong enough to resist earthquake forces.

Strengthening unreinforced masonry requires anchoring the walls to the floors and roof, adding interior partitions or walls, installing braces, or other measures.

Commercial Contractor in Los Angeles

3- Industrial Building / Tilt-Up

When earthquakes shake the ground, the various parts of buildings may move in different directions.

If the connections (anchorage) between concrete or reinforced masonry walls, wood floors, and roof are weak, walls can pull away. And the building, or a portion of it, may collapse. Tilt-up buildings are particularly dangerous because they possess many structural weaknesses since they have large openings for industrial sized doors and windows, which offer little stability for the structure.

Commercial Contractor in Los Angeles

4- Office Building

The contents of your building can be damaged or can cause damage in earthquakes. They may injure your building occupants or block emergency exits; it can be expensive to repair and replace items that are broken. You should be concerned about contents, not only to protect your property but also to guard against deaths or injuries. We offer the solutions for earthquake seismic retrofitting to brace your property, equipment, light fixtures, and acoustic style ceilings.

We are highly skilled in our field, and we want to help you! Contact us today to shore up your Unreinforced Masonry and to inspect your current earthquake seismic retrofitting FREE!

Commercial Contractor in Los Angeles

Commercial Retrofitting:

Solutions for Finding a Retrofitting Construction Company in Los Angeles :

Benefits to having a structure retrofitted include:

  1. Earthquake Insurance premium can be reduce
  2. Risk of injury is reduced
  3. Easy to Sale – More buyers and investors are attracted to the fact that the security that a seismic retrofitted structure will provides to tenants
  4. More Lander mean more buyers

Here are some common steps that we do when we retrofit a commercial structure :

  1. Roof to wall anchors
  2. Anchor ties across the building
  3. Roof nailing
  4. Shear walls bracing
  5. Anchor plates
  6. Soft story Reinforcement
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