Footings are like your feet. They anchor the house to the ground and support the foundation. Adding footings to an existing building is one of the specialties of LARC, a construction company in LA.

As to the typical cost of adding footings, it depends on the existing house. The average is $5000. If the project is less extensive, expect to pay around $850. However, if the project is more extensive, it could reach $14,000.

A Construction Company in LA

Why Retrofit the Footings of Your Existing Building?

Many homeowners in LA would opt to retrofit their existing building to save money. The reason for this is that retrofitting is more cost-effective than constructing a new facility.

Buildings consume a great amount of energy. A huge portion of it comes from heating and cooling. Through retrofits, you can lower your energy consumption while reducing the cost of cooling, heating, and lighting.

High-Performance Building

Conserving energy is just one of the many reasons LA homeowners retrofit their existing buildings. Another purpose of it is to make a high-performance building.

By retrofitting the footings, the building’s value will increase. It will also last longer. As it lowers moisture penetration, it enhances the quality of the indoor environment. It also reduces mold, thereby, improving occupants’ productivity and health.

Retrofitting your house’s footings is considered a major renovation. But it is all worth it considering the many benefits it can provide.

For example, it reduces operating costs while it improves its environmental impact. It also boosts the house’s durability and resiliency.

Retrofitting a footing is an extreme type of repair. But it is only done if the house is still intact but the structure is damaged.

Those who live in a flood-prone area, retrofitting a footing can be beneficial. It lifts the house above the flood zone. But some homeowners would opt to retrofit their house’s footings to build a basement.

Because it is a large project, you must consult with a qualified construction company in LA. At LA Retrofit and Construction, we inspect the house first before we provide an estimated cost of this large project.

Our engineers will inspect the foundation’s health and look for any cracks. A vertical crack is not always a problem. There is a significant problem with the foundation if the crack at the top is wider than at the bottom. It only means that the foundation settles unevenly.

Protect yourself and your family members by hiring a qualified builder with an excellent reputation for quality work. Our construction company in LA will ensure that retrofitting your house footings is done right. Contact us today for a free consultation: (818) 629-0923.

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