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Many properties in Los Angeles have to comply with a recent piece of legislation from the city which requires that certain buildings be strengthened against the threat of earthquakes. This is as a result of some problems with the durability of some buildings constructed before 1978, which has caused structural failure and raised the threat of collapse during earthquakes or immediately after. In order to properly secure your property against this type of problem, you need to perform some retrofitting of the basic parts of the building. When you work with our Encino retrofit company, you can get help to shore up the building and prevent accidents as well as post-earthquake damage.

retrofit company

Why Do You Need Retrofitting?

Post-war buildings in LA were often constructed with a ‘soft story’ design, which meant that the lower parts of the building were made using columns supporting the floors above, with open walls in between. The top floor is actually heavier than this lower floor, and so there is a great deal of pressure placed on the first floor when the upper levels start to shake.  As the lower floor has less support, it is easier for the building to move quite dramatically, and as this further increases the weakness of the floor, it can lead to collapse. Retrofitting is designed to prevent this from happening, and make sure that your building is more efficiently protected. You may find that you are instructed to change the lower floors by the city, which has passed regulations to make sure that properties don’t collapse during earthquakes.

What Does Retrofitting Do?

When a company like Los Angeles Retrofit and Construction Inc. comes in to make changes to your building, we will first assess the risks that the current construction involves. We may recommend using a steel frame which is fitted to the existing construction, increasing the support of the weakened areas, and preventing the lateral movement which can cause collapse. You will need to have the city examine the retrofit to approve the work, and then the gaps in between the steel frame will be filled in order to increase stability. The new framework will have to be fireproofed to comply with regulations, and you may also have it plastered and painted to match the rest of the building. In other cases, you may choose to have a steel-lined wall fitted onto the sides of your building, again helping to restrict lateral movement.

Get Help With Retrofitting Today

As a property owner, you need to comply with city regulations to avoid being fined or taken to court. If inspectors are demanding that you need to secure your soft-story building, then you need to talk to our Encino experts in retrofit and construction. We can help you to make sure that the building remains safe and secure, adding strength to any existing story within your property. To make inquiries today, simply call our LA office at (818) 629-0923 today.


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