remodeling and construction in encino

Roof seepage or leaks may start as small giving no reason for the homeowner to worry. However, in the course of our professional service at LARC Inc., we have noticed that some of the costliest roof repairs we undertake could have been avoided had the homeowner acted fast. 

Remodeling and construction in Encino is frequently a consequence of water damage to interiors and ceilings through roof leaks. Our engineers suggest simple ways you can stop roof seepage at minimum cost.

How to locate roof leaks

When tracking the source of roof leaks, always start with penetration structures nearby. These include chimneys, roof vents, dormers, and plumbing. You can check this through the attic or if you do not have one go up on the roof for better assessment. However, try to hire the best Encino retrofit and construction professionals to give you a proper assessment and competitive repair estimates.

Remodeling and construction in Encino

Contractor installing a laminate counter top during a kitchen remodel project.

Fix plumbing vent boots

The most common area for roof seepage is a damaged plumbing vent boot. Vent boots are made from various materials some of which suffer cracks after continuous exposure to the elements. 

The only solution for broken rubber boots and bases is a complete replacement that will also include a few shingles around the affected area. You can buy these materials from any good commercial remodeling store in your local area.

Walls and dormers

Dormer walls are vulnerable to wind-driven rain and can provide entry points for water seepage into the roof. Old and worn-out caulk along the dormer structure can be another cause for seepage as are sidings and corner boards. 

Go over these spots meticulously or use the services of a good Encino retrofit and construction expert to assess the damage and recommend appropriate repairs. Whatever your decision, early intervention will save you dollars.

Seepage from ice dams

When water from melting snow freezes upon contact with colder roof edges, it forms an ice dam. With continued melting, water accumulates behind this dam and without an outlet, begins to seep through the shingles into the roof. Inspect your flashing and under shingle ice and water barrier proofing replacing if necessary. You can also install roof edge heating though we recommend professional input.

Nail holes and step flashing

Nail holes from past roof-mounted installations like satellite dishes are common seepage points. These may be tiny but their damage over time can be serious to your roof and ceiling. LARC Inc recommends flashing to fix the holes as the best solution and not caulking. While at it, remember to inspect the step flashing for rust and slipped pieces.

We advise that you always look out for minor leaks in your roof and attend to them immediately to avoid greater damage and hefty repair bills later. It is a good idea to engage our engineers at LARC Inc. to assess the state of your roof to confirm the condition of framing, sheathing, and insulation installations. Call us on 818-629-0923 for this service.

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