A retaining wall can come in quite handy. A retaining wall can help you to contain soil on your property. They’re also great for giving you the space you need for the things you want on your property: like a driveway or a basement. In fact, our retrofitting company often makes them for people who want more flat, usable areas on their property. There’s a lot that goes into making retaining walls. In this article, we’ll go over what our retaining wall construction in Los Angeles is all about. We’ll also cover some different kinds of retaining walls as well as what you can expect when you hire us.

Our Retaining Wall Construction in Los Angeles

Most people use retaining walls to keep soil in one place that it wouldn’t ordinarily be able to keep to. Usually, this is a slope of some sort, often steep or essentially vertical. You’ve probably seen them on the side of roads and highways; as they make it possible for a road to go through. That’s what a retaining wall can do: it gives you the flat area to put in something that you’d like. We can build you a retaining wall on your property that will do exactly that.

Retaining Wall: Poured-in-Place

When we build a retaining wall, it’s strong. It has to be: it’s withstanding the pressure from quite a bit of soil. A particularly strong kind of retaining wall is called “poured-in-place.” This wall is exactly what it sounds like: it’s filled with concrete. Indeed, the concrete is poured into the wall, after its build to the dimensions that the construction plan specifies. Not only is it filled with concrete, but it’s reinforced with steel, too. One thing that sets these walls apart from others is that they allow for more personal aesthetic impressions. Many of our customers choose to have them be plain or smooth-faced. However, they can also be given a variety of designs. These walls can be designed to your specific characteristics so that they can fit into the style and décor of your property.

Concrete Walls and More

When most people think of a “retaining wall,” this is the kind of wall they think of: a concrete one. Concrete retaining walls are sturdy and timeless. We use what are called “CMUs,” which is an acronym for “concrete masonry units.” You’ve seen them many times in your life: the concrete blocks with the hollow center. These walls are also reinforced with steel and filled with concrete. These can be the perfect walls for completing your driveway, basement, or other part of your property.


We have many different retaining walls options to fit our customers’ needs. Sometimes, the right retaining wall for the job is constructed using “Shotcrete.” Shotcrete is just another name for “sprayed concrete.” These walls sometimes require a little extra work, but they can be tailored to customers’ individual needs. Over the years, we’ve helped many clients to have design for their concrete walls that fits their surrounding area perfectly. As with our other retaining walls, no matter the design, we make sure that they’re given the proper reinforcing steel and filled with concrete.

In the last few years, a basement has become so much more than just a place to store things. Many basements can be turned into play areas for the kids. Or, in our modern day economy, people often use basements as an office. They can be the perfect place to run your second business or “side hustle.” A retaining wall can make a basement possible. Just having one of these on your property can give your property an entirely new room with which to work.

Of course, you don’t have to have a retaining wall in a place that’s hidden from the sun. Many of our customers get retaining walls that allow them to have a decorative garden. A retaining wall can give you the space to grow a garden that you’ll be proud of. While the above article has covered many different kinds of retaining walls that feature concrete and steel reinforcement, many of our customers opt for wood retaining walls. They too have a distinctive, classic style that stands out anywhere.

It’s important to keep in mind that retaining walls are just one of the many different kinds of services our retrofit construction company offers. For example, we’ve helped so many to make sure that their building’s foundation is ready for any possible kind of earthquake or seismic event. There’s a wide range of services we can provide to residential and commercial locations alike. To schedule a consultation or to get more information about the various construction and retrofitting services that we offer, give us a call at (818) 629-0923 or head to our website.

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