earthquake retrofit company

Los Angeles RetroFit & Construction Inc. can help you prepare to get Earthquake Insurance

We are offering a complete inspection of your home or commercial building

to certify that your property meets current earthquake retrofitting codes and standards, as is often a requirement to obtain earthquake insurance.

Our inspector will come to your home, perform a thorough inspection around and under your house and will give you an observation report, and fill out any necessary forms for your earthquake insurance company, noting any issues which may jeopardize the safety of your house and your family.

Los Angeles RetroFit Inc. Systems has been working with most major insurance companies for years and knows what is required by them.

We will prepare a written report with an estimate. There is no obligation on your behalf to complete the job with our retrofitting systems, but if you decide to complete the work with us, we will schedule the work promptly and give you the quality of work that is synonymous with our earthquake retrofit company. As an added service we will also deduct this fee from the total cost of the job saving you even more money.

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