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ADU construction in LA is becoming popular. Many homeowners now are using their garage in another way. With ADU, you can use it to have more living space or a source of income. No matter how you use it though, you should hire an engineering design construction company in LA to design and construct your ADU. 


What are the Ways Engineering Design Construction Company in LA Build ADUs? 


1. Framing Package 

This method involves the use of framing components that have been pre-cut in the factory. The structural engineer will design the ADU and send it to a framing engineer who will determine how each piece is pre-cut. The engineers in a design construction company will work together to know which parts can be pre-assembled in the factor. 


A framing package is costlier upfront than other methods of building an ADU. However, it only needs a few crews to assemble the frame on the site. Thus, time and labor are greatly reduced. 


2. Stick Framing 

It’s a conventional way to build an ADU. Each piece is measured before it is cut to its required dimensions before the pieces are joined together. This method uses a lot of manpower, though. Unlike the framing package, it needs more crews to measure, cut, and install the ADU on the property. 


In terms of timeline, this method can take longer to construct. Because of that, the expenses can go up. Then again, it offers the most flexibility when it comes to layout and design. It’s the best option if you’re going to alter an existing garage or add ADU onto an existing building. 


3. Prefab 

An alternative to stick framing is prefab. It’s the least flexible but it’s more convenient. With this option, you don’t need people entering and exiting your property for months. The ADU is built in a factory and delivered to your property as a whole unit. 


But you still need an engineer to review and finalize your ADU plans before you send the prefab design to the company. Make sure that the structural engineer recommended the prefab company where you’ll send the design and plan for your ADU. 

engineering design construction company la

What Method is Best for Your Property? 

It depends on your property and budget. The best way to know it is to consult with an engineer from a construction company. But no matter what method you choose, you still need to obtain building permits and other government permits. This is where a construction company becomes handy. 


Even though you have a general idea of what every method involves, you still need to seek the advice of the experts. At LARC, Inc, we can guide you to the best method to use based on your property and design that you want. Once you have decided to build the ADU, our team will get the process started. You may contact our engineering design construction company in LA to provide you with a free confutation and a quote. Call us at (818) 975-8323. 


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